Centreline Aviation Medical Services at a glance

As a large specialist aviation medical services provider we can offer support in all areas of aviation medicine. In addition to regular medical renewals we offer many other additional support services, from ECG reading to support in getting your medical re-instated as soon as possible, should it be suspended for any reason.

For more information please contact us on +44 (0)1293 775336 or reception@amsgatwick.com

Who we are:

As well as qualified AMEs all our doctors are keen aviation enthusiasts. Many of our AMEs hold their own PPL and are regular flyers themsleves. The practice has been in existence for over 20 years providing a comprehensive aviation medical service to all aspects of the aviation industry.

Multiple Surgery Locations

We are keen to provide medical services where you need them. We currently have surgeries located in Central London and Gatwick.

Online Booking Services

We appreciate that as a pilot your hours of work are different to the normal 9-5 so we can offer an online booking service, for Dr King's London practice, to enable you to book a revalidation or renewal appointment at any time from anywhere in the world. 


All our AMEs started out in General Practice or London-based cardiology, and each have over 30 years of medical experience. The majority of our AMEs are now full time Aviation Medical Examiners with many years specialist experience.

Medical Types

We are able to offer a wide range of aviation medicals including: EASA, FAA, TC, SA, HK, and NZ and have worked with pilots from all major airlines for many years. Please note: Not all medicals are available at all locations. This is dependent on which AME has been designated as an AME by which authority. Please phone +44 (0)1293 775336 or email reception@amsgatwick.com for clarification.