Initial EASA class 1 and Initial ATCO European Class 3 medicals

Please note: On the advice of the UK CAA, and for aviation medical legal reasons, we are unable to give applicants any medical advice prior to the Initial medical.  Any medical advice is deemed a clinical consultation and the medical details must be recorded on the CAA online medical records system at the time of the consultation.  Applicants are advised to look on the CAA website where all the regulations and medical standards are listed.  Applicants must decide for themselves whether or not they wish to attend for the initial medical after looking at the CAA guidance.  You will need to  bring reports relating to any medical issues you may have had along to your appointment.  Any medical issues that require addressing will be discussed at the time of you medical appointment.

Initial EASA Class 1 (Pilot) and Initial European Class 3 (ATCO) medicals are only available at our Central London location. All enquiries and bookings are via +44 (0)1293 775336.  The initial medical will take approximately 4 hours.  You will be required to see our optometrist, undergo an ECG, blood tests for haemoglobin and cholesterol, audiogram, spirometry, urine test and full clinical examination.  The initial Class 3 (ATCO) medical also requires the CAD (Colour Assessment and Diagnosis) test.  Full payment will be required at the time of booking.

For the Initial Class 1 medical the cost is £540 (inc VAT).

For the Initial Class 3 medical the cost is £684 (inc VAT). 


When you attend for your medical you must bring your passport for photo ID and a current eye prescription if you wear glasses or contact lenses. You must inform us if you have undergone any form of laser eye surgery. It is possible that you may require other tests or see our specialist consultant advisors if you have any medical problems or anything is found at the time of the examination. This will incur extra cost (see also Additional Casework below). It is important that you divulge and disclose any medical issues you may have or have had in the past. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting your medical certificate in the future and legal action by the CAA. If you disagree with any of our decisions you have a right to appeal to the UK CAA. 

Please also find a link to the CAA downloadable flow-chart regarding the process of applying for an Initial medical certificate.

Guidance for Initial applicants

Please complete the application form, unsigned, and bring along to your appointment.

Application Form 

Cancellation policy:
Your Initial medical appointment will only be confirmed on receipt of full payment.  Appointments cancelled more than 14 days before will be subject to a £100 cancellation fee.  Appointments cancelled in less than 14 days are non-refundable. 

Additional Casework:
As mentioned above, should additional tests be required following your initial examination you will be responsible for any further charges.  There will also be a fee of £96 for additional casework, payable to Centreline.