Revalidation/Renewal Professional Aircrew and ATCO Medicals

Our AMEs can offer medical examinations for Pilots and Air Traffic Control Officers for all authorities EASA, FAA, TC, CASA, SA, NZ and HK, including: EASA Class 1 and 2 for Professional and Private Pilots, European Class 3 for Air Traffic Control Officers, CAA Class 1 for Flight Engineers, FAA (US) Class First, Second and Third, Australian, Canadian, South African. Some aviation authorities require blood tests (eg lipid profile, fasting blood glucose, haemoglobin), cardiovascular risk assessment, stress ECG – we perform all of these in-house at our London base. For female pilots, please check on our chaperone policy.

The CAA medical clinic at Gatwick ceased providing medical services as from 26/2/2016. They no longer undertake the EASA class 1 medical or the European class 3 medical. Centreline will be one of only two locations where the EASA initial class 1 medical and European class 3 can be undertaken in the whole of the UK.