Our Medical Team

Dr Chris King AME

After 30 years experience as a GP based in Sussex and a keen aviation enthusiast holding a PPL himself and flying a Robin from Goodwood, Dr Chris King qualified as an AME in 1996. Now with many years of aviation medicine experience Dr King is able to undertake multi-authority medicals for EASA, FAA, Transport Canada and South Africa. Dr King holds surgeries in Central London and Horley (Gatwick).

Dr Philip Polwin AME

Dr Polwin qualified as a doctor, graduating from the Royal London Hospital in 1979. He was a GP in Billingshurst, West Sussex from 1983-2018.

As a keen aviator himself, holding a PPL since 1992, Dr Polwin commenced aviation medicine training in 1993 and has been offering AME services for many years. Dr Polwin continues to fly on a regular basis and enjoys blue sky and sunshine, flying gentleman's aerobatics in a Robin 2160.

Dr Ken Edgington AME

Dr Edgington trained at Birmingham University Medical School and then joined the Royal Army Medical Corps which led to training as an army helicopter pilot undertaking a squadron tour in Germany and then aviation medicine training. He became the senior Aviation Medicine Consultant in the Army. On leaving he held a senior position in British Airways Health Services and then moved to the Chief Medical Officer position in the UK CAA with responsibility also for Personnel Licensing.

Additional Staff

Dr A Kurbaan, AME and cardiologist
Dr David Holwell, AME and GP
Dr Lucinda Homer, AME
Dr Mike Glanfield, AME
Mr Adrian Chorley, Optometrist
Mrs Sarah Chorley, Optometrist
Ms Poonam Shah, Optometrist
Ms Anjli Malde, Optometrist.

In addition our specialist medical advisors help offer aviation medical opinions in their specialty.