Pilot and ATCO Medicals

We offer a large variety of medical services for both the professional and private pilot alike as well as Air Traffic Control Officers.  Class 1 (including initial issue) and Class 2 medicals for a variety of authorities including  EASA, FAA, TC, SA, HK and NZ are available.  Additionally, we offer a Class 3 service for all ATCOs. All our staff have several years of experience in avaition medicals and, as keen avaition enthusiasts and holders of PPLs themselves, our AMEs have a very good understanding of the needs of today's pilot, be it as a professional or a social flyer.

In addition to the annual/bi-annual medical requirements our AMEs are alway available to answer any medical issues relating to aviation and are well practiced in supporting pilots who have had their medical suspended as a result of any medical condition.